24 weeks

I am 24 weeks, I cant believe it, I re-read what I wrote when I was 24 weeks with Abby, and it is so crazy at how different these pregnancy have been. With baby B I have felt more at peace and more comfortable with it, I haven't worried once about loosing him, all though it is nice knowing that now that I am 24 weeks he has a chance to live outside the womb, all though I kinda hopes he is as stubborn as Abby and stayed the whole time in me! I wont be saying that when 12-11-10 come and goes and still no baby B.
I have another OB appointment on this Friday, I am looking forward to seeing how Im doing and to hear his heart beat. I feel great, I am tired somedays but that is what is expected, I am happy, and I am grateful for my loving husband and my great friends, who would do anything for me and I would do the same for them. I love my life and everyone who is in it.
I feel baby B move a lot, the first time I felt him move was when I placed my hands on my belly was on July 19 2010. The first time I saw my belly jump was on July 28th 2010. I am so happy when I can fell him and see him move, my favotite moments are when I aske abby to kiss the baby and she will kiss my belly, my other favorite moments are when she can feel him move and she laughs, it has happened twice, once when I was rocking Abby and saying our good night prayers her brother kicked and she laugh right after so I think she felt it. The other time was the other day when she was sitting my lap drawing, and he was moving like a crazy fish she was giggling so much, I was talking to mom and she could hear Abby laughing, I was very happy then.
I am excited to see him and I'm excited to see how Abby reacts. Thank you to evryone who has been there for me lately.


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he is due on the 11th? Thats Josh's b-day to.

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Love You!