The Wallet That Can Surf

So last night, Crystal and I decided we were going to go eat out at Chickfila. When we were loading up the kids into the Blazer, I placed my wallet on top so I could put Abigail in. And that's where it stayed for apparently awhile. I didn't remember putting my wallet up there until we got home and were unloading the kids. That's when it hit me that I never took it off the roof of the Blazer and at that moment...it was not there. Not a big surprise. So I hopped back into the Blazer leaving Crystal to fend for herself with the kids and their bedtimes. I got back to Chickfila, where the manager helped me look for it. I figured perhaps since I placed it close to the driver's side that it would've just fell off there. No such luck. We looked all over Chickfila and Ingram Park Mall's one of many entry ways. In the bushes, on the street with no luck.

I recalled that a man was begging for money earlier at that stop light leading out from Ingram Park mall. I saw him across the street at a bus stop. I went over and asked him and the other people there if they found the wallet. I told them they could keep the cash ($15) that was in it if they just returned it. No dice. It was becoming night quickly, and I was wondering where else my wallet could be. So I figured I should walk along the access road and search in the grass that is on the side. Perhaps when I took the corner or merged over to get ready to go onto 410 South that perhaps it fell off into the grass. I walked the entire way down to the point where you could then merge onto 410. No dice. I decided to search the other side of the road on my way back. This time I ran, as it was getting late and Crystal said she was ready for bed. No dice. As I drove home, I was looking to see if I could see it on the road and periodically I would stop when I thought I saw it. Never was whatever I saw, my wallet.

When I arrived back home, I told Crystal that I was going back to Chickfila with a flashlight to check the drain they have as you come into their parking lot. I figure perhaps it fell into there and since it was dark, I couldn't see it. She was understanding and so I gave her a kiss and left. When I got back to Chickfila, I continued my search. I didn't see it in the drain or anywhere still. I decided to park the Blazer at Denny's and walk along the access road again with the flashlight. I was certain I would find it. I searched and searched. Nothing. At that time I was frustrated, very tired and done. The time about now is midnight and I knew I should just go home.

As I started my trek back home, I decided to once again just keep my eye out on the road. As I was near Culebra and the Wal-Mart on Military, I thought I saw my wallet. I pulled off onto the side and walked to the object. When I was walking I looked down and saw a Cheesy Jane's punch card. I was like "Huh, I used to have one of those in my wallet." So I picked it up and kept moving. Then I found a $10 bill close by with another Cheesy Jane's punch card. Then a San Antonio Library card. I knew this was my stuff, however the object was not my wallet. I got back into the car and kept going. Real slow, in case my wallet fell off around there. Never saw it.

I decided to make a u-turn at Marbach and try my luck again since I found some of my stuff. I went back to that area and looked on 410 and on the side in hopes I could see my wallet, perhaps in the traffic. Not like I would risk getting it if it were in the middle of 410, but I'm stubborn like that to want to find it. When I made my way back to the Blazer, I looked over across the road and thought I saw an object that looked like my wallet. I made note I was in front of the Academy sports store and made my way back via u-turn at Marbach.

When I approached the area on the other side of the road, I found the object. It was my wallet. Unfortunately when I opened it, it was so beat to hell that nothing was inside other than a Petsmart keychain card and a phone card I bought when I arrived back from my deployment. I was upset but decided to walk along the road to see if I could find anything since I found the other stuff near by on the other side. As I walked down, I found almost everything. I found the important stuff such as my driver's license and military ID. I also found the rest of my cash and various other cards like my hunter's ed that I need to hunt in Utah or any state that required it. I even found my pictures I kept of Abigail and of Crystal and myself. I was so glad that I decided the other cards, which were just a credit card and possibly my military travel card, I was going home to bed. By the time I got home it was 1:30AM. I was tired and ready for bed.

Hope you enjoyed the adventure of my wallet.


Crystal and Dustun said...

You say fend for myself as if I've never taken care of both kids before! I guess you being stubborn paid off this time. You spent 4 house playing real life frogger rather then in line to get a new ID I'm happy you found it and your safe love ya

Anonymous said...

Atleast you found the rest after lunch today. Im glad you found your stuff. Even though you were grumpy and tired at work. JK make sure you keep that goodluck coin close by.