Cheesecake date

The other day was national cheese cake day, so of course I had to take my friend out for a dessert date. We left the baby's with the hubby's and braved the crowd at the mall parking to only find that the cheesecake factory was packed, we decided to not eat in the factory so we waiting at least 20 min to order to-go cheesecake, sometimes I wish I was more pregnant and could use that as an excuses to cut in line :) then we went upstairs to the food court to enjoy the "show" we people watched and was trying to figure out what people thought or said to them selves as they got ready or see them selves in the mirror, pretty funny outfits!
I had a great night, thanks Ashely for being a good friend, cant wait till our 3rd amigo comes back then we can all go out again, and cause complete mayhem!!
And to let any one know the red velvet cheesecake is to die for! mmm

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