Gruene Texas 2

This morning, Dustun and I packed the kids up in the car and drove to Gruene Texas. Candice and some other friend were doing a Harley event and were going to meet up later in the day.
we went shopping in the old shops, and one store even had a some free kittens, so cute, I asked if we could hold one, since neither on of the kids have ever seen a cat I thought it would be cool, well Samuel was all boy (rough) and Abby was a in love! She was so upset when we had to put the cat back, she just kept looking at it and petting it, making some weird noise I guess her cat noise?!
We found this little area off the main road, and let the kids out to play while we waited for everyone to join us. This is the only place I remember to take pictures.

For lunch we went up with Candice, Tiffany and Tyler at the gristmill, today menu was, chicken salad sandwich, a spicy burger, turkey sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and some steak sandwich , and of course the big onion rings. I love this restaurant, the food and the atmosphere is wonderful!
After lunch dustun and I loaded up the kids and they and I passed out soon after we started driving home, we drove around and looked at some house, we also drove over the river which looked so cool and refreshing.
Today was another good day! Filled with, friends, food and family, my three favorite F's!

24 weeks today, time is flying by and I feel great!

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