Doctor visit

My tired baby I had to wake her up early for the appointment.

Dustun, Abigail and I went down town to Sana Rosa hospital, to meet with the pediatric urologist,we just talked about her condition and the past test that have been done, they suggested we do another ultrasound and then we can compare the two to see what the next step is.

Abigail is on a medicine she takes once a day, is is an ugly green/yellow thick as snot she hates it, everyday it is a fight to get her to take some of it, she spits very well. So the doctor prescribed a new better tasting medicine, so tonight we will see how it goes, wish us luck.As always she was good in the office, she lays there lets them look at her and push on her, listen to hear, measure and weigh her.
What a perfect little bug.

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